FAT LOSS EXPERT #1 - Dr. Eric Serrano

In Eric's interview you'll learn:

  • How food allergies and intolerances negatively impact body composition and what you can do about them
  • Why you should NOT avoid eating dietary fat and what certain types of fats actually make you leaner!
  • Why the health of the adrenal glands is the future of body transformation.
  • How to properly use free form and branch chain amino acids and what they can do for you.
  • How to heal a damaged metabolism.


FAT LOSS EXPERT #2 - Dr. Lonnie Lowery

In Lonnie's interview you'll learn:

  • Learn how to make your food work hard for your fat burning goals by understanding "nutrient partitioning"
  • Learn how the hormone insulin directly controls your fat burning abilities and how to control it
  • When you should and shouldn't be eating carbohydrates and why.
  • How eating a few smart fats in your meals can crush your appetite and keep you lean.
  • Effective weight lifting and cardiovascular schemes to ensure your calories are going where they are supposed to!

FAT LOSS EXPERT #3 - John Parrillo

In John's interview you'll learn:

  • How to literally transform the body into a muscle building, fat burning machine!
  • Why over-training is over-rated and how to eating enough of the right things will keep your body responsive and your metabolism on fire
  • Learn the myth about too much cardio being bad for you, and how it can actually help you build muscle!
  • Why sometimes the first step to losing weight is actually gaining weight and how this is accomplished


FAT LOSS EXPERT #4 - Roger Riedinger

In Roger's interview you'll learn:

  • How to structure your workouts to ensure you build strength while getting as lean as possible
  • The importance of getting protein from various sources to ensure the highest protein efficiency
  • How to cycle your diet to lose as much fat as possible while keeping your metabolism elevated
  • How to use an age old forgotten supplement to boost your gains
  • How periodization really does work
  • And much more...

FAT LOSS EXPERT #5 - Alwyn Cosgrove

In Alwyn's interview you'll learn:

  • Why doing cardio first thing in the morning is unnecessary and counterproductive
  • How he is able to get his clients lean in record time using only 3 forty-five minute sessions per week without any cardio whatsoever
  • Find out the method you can use to program your body to burn exponentially more fat 24 hours around the clock
  • Learn an incredible diet secret that enables women to burn enormous amount of fat utilizing their natural cycles
  • And plenty more....

FAT LOSS EXPERT #6 - Scott Abel

In Scott's interview you'll learn:

  • How to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your cardiovascular work with Metabolic Enhancement Training
  • How to avoid suppressing your metabolism through excessive dieting and exercise
  • How to implement Scott's fat burning Cycle Diet

FAT LOSS EXPERT #7 - Cassandra Forsythe

In Cassandra's interview you'll learn:

  • Why lower carbohydrate diets actually enhance the building of muscle and strength over time in comparison to higher carb fares
  • How to best set up a diet and training scheme to build muscle and lose fat, based on scientific research
  • And much more.....

FAT LOSS EXPERT #8 - Dr. Mauro Dipasquale

In Mauro's informative interview you'll learn:

  • How to optimize hormone levels through your diet
  • Why the practice of taking in massive amounts of carbohydrates post-workout is over-rated and unnecessary - How to ensure your glycogen levels are always full
  • How you can train your body to become "fat-adapted" so that you can burn more fat 24 hours per day all while staying energized without blood sugar crashes and hunger
  • How to implement a specific "phase-shift" diet that Dr. Dipasquale has used to mimick the muscle and metabolism building effect of steroids naturally

FAT LOSS EXPERT #9 - Erik Ledin

In Erik's interview you'll learn:

  • Unique methods used with numerous women, including Mrs. America Pageant winners, to get them fit and lean
  • How to properly periodize low intensity and high-intensity cardio to ensure maximum fat loss without interfering with your strength progression
  • Common senses approach to carbohydrate intake that naturally results in maximum fat loss
  • Why weight training should always be set up with low reps and heavy weights instead of light weights and high reps during fat loss
  • How to attack stubborn hip and abdominal fat

FAT LOSS EXPERT #10 - Kelli Calabrese

In Kelli's Interview You Will Discover...

  • Learn things you didn't know about pregnancy! - Why common prescriptions for weight gain during pregnancy are false and what to do about it
  • Learn the real reason women have increased appetite prior to her menstrual cycle and what to do about it
  • Finally, the ins and outs of female training and nutrition though all stages of life
  • How to train based on your body-type
  • Realize the importance of keeping things simple and natural in your diet
  • And more....

FAT LOSS EXPERT #11 - Don Alessi

In Don's Interview You Will Discover...

  • How to determine your hormonal status by analyzing your fat
    storage patterns
  • The "idea" fat storage pattern and how to achieve it through altering your training, nutrition, and supplementation patterns
  • How to supplement based on your hormonal statues
  • How to strategically "ratchet" your calories for maximal body composition results
  • And much more...

FAT LOSS EXPERT #12 - Charles Staley

In Charles's Interview You Will Discover...

  • How to ensure you're performing quality workouts instead of just going through the motions
  • The importance of progressive resistance and progressive workload
  • And much more!

FAT LOSS EXPERT #13 - Chad Ikei

In Chad's Interview You Will Discover...

  • What he does that enables many of his athletes to shed massive amounts of body-fat while simultaneously building muscle.
  • How identifies any deficiencies in hormonal status
  • Discover the periodization schemes Chad uses with his top level professional athletes
  • How to modify training based on strength levels and muscle fiber type
  • Which foods are best at building muscle and which foods should absolutely be avoided when trying to lose fat

FAT LOSS EXPERT #14 - Ryan Lee

In Ryan's Interview You Will Discover...

  • The most common myths about exercise
  • The importance of level of effort when it comes to burning fat
  • How to get in intense fat burning workouts in as little as 4 minutes per day

FAT LOSS EXPERT #15 - Krista Scott-Dixon

In Krista's Interview You Will Discover...

  • How to increase the effectiveness of our workouts by choosing exercises that conform to our natural primal movement patterns
  • The biggest mistakes people make in their training
  • The importance of our own psychology for ensuring permanent results in physique transformation
  • How whole foods can be KEY in fat loss results
  • How to change our eating psychology for instant body transformation success
  • Learn the "3 P's" of female weight training and how they can get you where you want to be
  • And much more.....

FAT LOSS EXPERT #16 - Craig Ballantyne

In Craig's Interview You Will Discover...

  • The secrets behind his revolutionary Turbulence Training
  • How to set up full body fat burning workouts without weights
  • How to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your cardiovascular work
  • Understandable 'real-life' advice that most people overlook in planning fat loss

FAT LOSS EXPERT #17 - Paul Chek

In Paul's Interview You Will Discover...

  • Why it's essential to eat whole natural proteins if you're interested in your health
  • How to set up a diet based on your unique hereditary metabolic characteristics
  • The importance of rotating foods to avoid developing food intolerances and allergies
  • The forgotten element in nutrition - How to address digestive health
  • How to set up an exercise scheme based on your stress state - The difference between running in "sympathetic dominant mode" vs running "parasympathetic dominant mode"

FAT LOSS EXPERT #18 - Chad Waterbury

In Chad's Interview You'll Learn:

  • Understanding the nervous system and how to best stimulate it to lose fat
  • How to use low rep training for simultaneous fat loss and strength gain
  • How to burn up to 300 more calories per day simply by consuming more fat
  • And much more...